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What are NovaLash Eyelash Extensions?  

NovaLash is an award winning leader in the world of eyelash extensions.  Applied one by one, on each indiviual natural lash, Novalash provides a safe and beautiful way to enhance any ones natural beauty.


How long do NovaLash Extenstions last?


Depending on an individuals natural lash cycle and growth, NovaLash eyelash extensions can last up to 5 weeks. Proper cleansing and not picking at the lashes can prolong your lash life. To maintain your lashes and keep them as full as possible, it is required to get a fill in. Again, depending on how fast your lashes shed and how full you want your lashes to look, a fill in may be required every two weeks.


Full Sets

Classic                 $140

Volume              $160             



Fill Ins

2 Week                  $55


3-4 Week Fill        $70






*Depending on amount of lash loss, full set charge may apply.

Eyelash Extension services are located in New Lenox  

Off Gouger and Rt. 6| New Lenox, IL  |  Text: (708)261-3306


Email or text for eyelash appointments.


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